New Normal covid-19 July 2020

As of the writing of this there haven’t been any locally transmitted COVID-19 infections for over 30 days, the only new cases come from Thais being repatriated from other countries.

So what to do during this month.

  • Social distancing is not Social isolation, be friendly
    • get on the phone and call people
    • Video chat
  • Less contact is best
    • Avoid busy places at busy times
      • shop at off peak times
      • get appointments early in the morning, when the place is cleanest and there have been less visitors.
    • If you must attend, stay for the shortest time possible .
    • It’s ok to skip a fews days of school, the gym, church and other
  • Wash your hands, until it becomes a habit
  • Have gel, handwash and disinfectant in your car, at home, at your place of work
  • Change your clothes more often.
    • change your clothing when you arrive home
    •  Leave you shoes in the sun (UV light kills bacteria)
  • Wait and see
    • This is unknown, new a better ways to be safe are always coming out.
    • Don’t watch too much news it can be depressing
  • Don’t travel far
    • airports seem to be where all the virus is turning up
  • When you are not doing all the socializing and other things put your time to use
    • Learn something
    • Read something
    • Acquire a new skill
  • The new normal is here to stay
    • the way we study
    • the way we work
    • the way we entertain ourselves
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