Cabin Fever, suck in a small confined place

Most of us have been in some sort of lock down. For me it has been since 18 March  2020. So where does the term Cabin Fever come from?

It can happen in confined or claustrophobic places. Log cabins up in the mountains when it snows, at sea on a long voyage or the cruise ships that couldn’t dock because of Covid 19. The Cruise shop in Yokohama was dockside for one month. 

Another scary thing at the moment is social distancing and some people are making it social isolation. Please remember to say “hello” and “thank you”. It may be more important now more than you think. 

Are the walls getting closer? Do you know what day it is?  are your children naughty and bore? These are some of the signs that you have been isolated for too long. 

Here are some tip;

Create a list of routine must do things.

Create a list of nice to do things.

Work at normal time.

Learn something; books are a good alternative to always being online.

Call people; some people are more lonely than you. call them 

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